I LOVE Winter. Steaming hot cup of coffee, cozy comfy clothes, early peaceful nights, which means peaceful sleep, munching nuts till your heart is full, and the thing I love most about winter is that, under all those layers nobody is bothered by your bulging tummy.

Unlucky, there are some people who don’t like winter and find it extremely difficult to keep them together in harsh cold weather. Young children and elderly people needs extra care and extra layering to make them comfortable.

I made these socks for my dad. He recently got very sick, so winters are going to be pretty tough on him. I made him this pair of socks to match his fingerless gloves.

It’s a very easy pattern. I am a slow knitter, but I still managed to knit a sock in a day, amid my busy schedule. They turn out so good that i wanted to keep them for me. But i decided i will make mine in pretty colors, a little girly.

My dads feet were a little small and considering his poor health, I make them even smaller, actually I took my own measurements. My shoe size is 7.

So here is the pattern. So easy you will love to make one for everyone.


One skein of DKNY yarn. If you like heel in different color, one skein or left over for that.

5 Double pointed needles 3mm or 3mm small circular needle. I will be using double-pointed needles.

My gauge was

6 stitches = 1 inch

Adjust yours accordingly.


This sock pattern goes according to shoe size.

7(7.5), 8(8.5), 9(9.5)

Cast on stitches. 36(36), 39(39), 42(42). Divide among 3 needles, i.e 12(12), 13(13), 14(14) stitches on each needle. Join to make a circle.


Make ribbing as K1, P1 to end. Make 11(11),12(12),13(13) rows altogether.


Now continue in stockinette stitch i.e knit all rows. Make 11 rows. These socks are just long enough to cover ankle, if you want longer, continue knitting till desired length.



Change color if you fancy, divide 18(18), 19(19), 21(21) stitches on a needle. Turn, purl these stitches. Repeat these two row 6.5  times i.e 13 rows altogether, last row being a knit row.



Continue as follows

Row 1: purl 10 (10), 11 (11), 12 (12) purl 2 tog, purl 1, turn

Row 2: sl (slip) 1, knit 4 (4), 5 (5), 6 (6), ssk, knit 1, turn.

Row 3: sl1, purl 5 (5), 6 (6), 7 (7), purl 2 tog, purl 1, turn.

Row 4: sl1, knit 6 (6), 7 (7), 8 (8), ssk, knit 1,   turn.

Row 5: sl1 purl 7 (7), 8 (8), 9 (9), purl 2 tog, purl 1, turn.

Row 6: sl1, knit 8 (8), 9 (9), 10 (10), ssk, knit 1, turn.

Continue in this sequence till you are left with 10 stitches on your needle. End with a purl row.



With right side facing you, change color. Pick up 11 stitches from the side of heel, knit the other half(instep), pick 11 stitches from the other side of the heel flap, knit the 10 stiches left from the heel. Divide these stiches evenly on 3 needles.

Now make a decrease row.  Knit the first stitch of gusset (first stitch of the 11 stitches you pick from the side of heel). Ssk the 2nd and 3rd stich. Knit till the last 3rd stich of gusset, ( the last of 11 stitches you pick from the other side of gusset). knit 2 tog the 3rd last and 2nd last stich, knit the last stich.

Knit row 2. Continue these two rows untill you are left with 36(36),40(40),44(44) stitches.



Knit until you reach total length of 6(6.5),7(7.5),8(8.5) inches, (including 1 inch of heel).



If you want toe of the second color, change know. Divide these stitches among 4 needles as 9(9),10(10),11(11).

In the decrease round, knit 2 tog the first two stitch of each needle. Row 2: knit sl1 stitches. Continue these two rows until you are left with 20(20), 24(24),28(28) stitches. Bind off.


Turn sock inside out. Sew the instep with the other half. Sew in the loose yarns. Block.



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